It’s tiring out there for an introvert. 🙁

But it doesn’t have to be! 🙂

Sick and tired of being tired all the time

Introvert Recharge is a blog dedicated to introverts who are sick and tired of being tired all the time.

(1) If you often feel drained by the many planned and unplanned social interactions you encounter every day, especially if they involve more than a few people, this blog is for you.

(2) If you feel like you’re walking the fine line between solitude and hermitage because you work at home and/or spend a lot of time or make a living online, this blog is for you.

Both situations can actually be draining for introverts.

The first one for obvious reasons: being around too many people for too long is tiring for introverts.

The second may seem like a dream for many introverts, to work at home in comfort away from many people, but it also has its dangers. It can be lonely and tiring being an introvert, but it can be more so if you spend most of your day on the Internet because it’s your job.

Feeling constantly drained often leads to poor quality of life. You don’t get to do the things you want to do or are passionate about because you’re just not up for it. You’re exhausted.

Tired no more!

Learning to recognize your energy levels, how to recharge, and how to cope with so many designed-for-extrovert activities can help you be happier, healthier, and more productive.

Being energized will enable you to focus on your “core personal projects,”: events, things, and people that you value and which you’re willing to sacrifice your comfort and energy for.

Simply put, an energized introvert is a happy, productive introvert. 

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