Author: Glori

why introverts need to pay attention to their energy

Introvert Recharge Manifesto: Why Introverts Need to Pay Attention to Their Energy

There’s a statistic that says two out of every three people you meet are introverts.

But with the way our world is designed today, two out of every three people you meet are most probably tired introverts.

Most of the time, there is simply too much going on, be it at school or at work, and sometimes *gasp* even at home.

It’s no wonder a common complaint of introverts is feeling drained. Most of us probably think it’s normal to be so tired at the end over every day.

But it’s not.

Regaining our energy is an important but often overlooked topic. Because introverts function better with less stimulation and are re-energized with quiet activities, “recharging” should be easy, right?

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